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Associate Producer

Job offer Smoking Gun Interactive

Smoking Gun Interactive
1706 West 1st Avenue
Suite 400
V6J 0E4 Vancouver
Date : 22.09.2013
Reference : AFJV-EPRO650-5945

Associate Producer

Town : Vancouver (BC)Job Description

Recruitment for this position is now closed.

Smoking Gun Interactive

Smoking Gun Interactive Inc is a Vancouver based independent game development studio focused on delivering high quality titles and online connected experiences that challenge the conventions of games and storytelling. Smoking Gun has been creating diverse products ranging from original IP, AAA game concepts, XBLA titles, to mobile and online experiences. To date, they have successfully released 17 titles using internal technology awe well as lic, engines such as Unreal Engine and others using XNA, Flash, and custom PHP and HTML code base. We specialize in cross platform iOS, Android, and PC development with internal technology.
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